Jerusalema Challenge

The Association Ibiza y Formentera Contra el Cancer (IFCC) celebrates its 20th Birthday in May 2021.  The association dedicates itself to supporting individual’s with cancer and their families through providing financial assistance, funding specific treatments, funding and supporting prevention and early cancer detection programmes and promoting activities to raise awareness about cancer prevention, various type of cancers and their treatment.

In response to IFCC challenges to IBIZA dance schools to perform JERUSALEMA CHALLENGE, (a dance routine to an upbeat gospel influenced song by South African DJ), as a fundraising event for cancer patients and their families.

Real Dance Palace, Santa Eulalia, Jerusalema Dance Routine, (filmed on Cala Llonga Beach) is available from 1st May 2021 to view/download on this link.

If you wish to support IFCC Cancer Services donations can be made directly into the account:



ES98 0061 0030 6407 1867 0114

    This initiative will raise funds for for IFCC to maintain its Cancer Support Services to cancer patients many of whom are experiencing additional challenges during this pandemic.