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Thank you is the first word I would like to say to you all. Another year and once again I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all our members, volunteers, sponsors and friends who continue to show their support and assistance.

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"Cancer of the rectum and colon is now curable in 90% of cases; this is due to rapid identification of the disease. I can tell you this with conviction, as I have survived cancer" Pepe Ruíz, actor

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Dispelling myths about strength training in breast cancer

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The Association, Ibiza and Formentera against Cancer (Ibiza y Formentera contra el Cancer) is non-governmental and non-profit making and is focused on fighting this disease on the Pitiusas.  Our philosophy is to keep everything that we earn for these Islands right here. Every type of support or help that we receive, comes to us directly, no need to channel through any other departments; for those who need it most on Ibiza and Formentera.  At the IFCC we listen and support, we are conscientious, we inform, collect funds, and create programmes with methods of prevention and early identification.  We are also there to support cancer victims and their families throughout the entire illness.


Great people doing an essential job.

Great people doing an essential job.

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