Linus Roth rendirá un homenaje a Helen Watson - IFCC

Linus Roth will pay tribute to Helen Watson, president of Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer, at the international festival ‘Ibiza Concerts’

This charitable event returns to the Cloister of the Dominican Convent of the Ibiza Town Hall with three concerts, from August 25 to 27 at 9:00 p.m., under the direction of this renowned violinist

Renowned violinist Linus Roth will pay tribute to the president of Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer, Helen Watson, at the 5th Edition of the International Festival ‘Ibiza Concerts’ to honor her selfless and tireless work at the head of this association, fighting to improve the care of cancer patients in the Pityusic Islands, as well as the prevention and early detection of all types of tumors. This festival will feature three charity concerts, which will be held in the Cloister of the Dominican Convent of the Ibiza Town Hall, in Dalt Vila at 9:00 p.m. The entire proceeds from the tickets, with a donation price of 25 euros per adult and 10 euros for children under 14, will go to the Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer Association, IFCC.

“Helen Watson was a great person, and I think the best way to remember her and to show how important she was to Ibiza is by performing a song in her honor,” Linus Roth has advanced.

Linus Roth rendirá un homenaje a Helen Watson - IFCC

The first concert will take place on August 25 under the title ‘Do You Love Brahms?’, with performances by Linus Roth and Marta Gallego on violin, Jennifer Stumm on viola, Raphaela Gromes on cello, and Sophie Pacini on piano. The following day, August 26, will be the turn of ‘Fandango’, a session in which Petrit Çeku will join on guitar, along with this repertoire of artists. The last day, corresponding to August 27, this international music meeting will be closed with the concert “The Four Seasons”, paying tribute to the illustrious composer Antonio Vivaldi, in a particular duet performed by Linus Roth on violin and Petrit Çeku on guitar, as a golden brooch to three days in which music and solidarity will be the protagonists.

Those interested in purchasing tickets for this classical music festival can do so at the box office of the venue, 30 minutes before the start of each performance, or online at the following link:

Linus Roth

Linus Roth is one of the most fascinating classical violinists of his generation, traveling all over the world, playing on all continents with the most important orchestras as a soloist and in the most prestigious concert halls.

His latest recording with the London Symphony Orchestra received several awards, among which the German phonographic industry award stands out. Linus Roth is also a violin professor at the University of Augsburg, founder of the International Weinberg Society, and the Schwäbischer Frühling Festival in Germany.

Linus Roth plays the Stradivari “Dancla” 1703 violin, a loan from the L-Bank Baden-Württemberg.

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