IFCC Lotería

Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer release a new Christmas Lottery ticket in honour of Helen Watson

The 39,290, to which IFCC has been subscribed for years, is selling out in record time, giving way to another “magical” number: 36,788, which they hope will “bring luck”

On the occasion of International Breast Cancer Awareness Day on 19th October, this Pitiusan NGO will set up an information table at the Can Misses Hospital

The Ibiza and Formentera Against Cancer Association (IFCC) today launches a Christmas Lottery ticket with a new charitable number in honour of Helen Watson, the former president of this Association. As the usual numbers sold annually by this Pitiusan NGO are selling out at a record pace, IFCC has decided to release another charitable ticket to the market, which will start being sold this week in Ibiza. The new charitable cancer ticket number is 36,788.

From IFCC, they hope that “just as the always “magical” and charitable number, which in the last three years has brought joy to all the charitable individuals who purchased it with one and two refunds, respectively,” as recalled by the vice president of IFCC, Berno Kiberd.

IFCC Lotería

Last Christmas, IFCC distributed 218,400 euros in the Pitiusas during the Christmas Lottery draw, after selling 1,820 tickets of the number 39,290, which won 120 euros per ticket. It is precisely the tickets with that same number that are selling out these days, more than two months before the draw takes place.

Furthermore, in commemoration of International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, which will take place this Thursday, 19th October, IFCC will have an information table at the Can Misses Hospital (Building D), aiming to raise awareness, inform, and sensitise society about this disease.

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